Thursday, March 12, 2009

Asking Pays Off

The truth is, I get easily intimidated by people I like, or want to like, or respect, or any combination thereof. Say, for example, that Jensen Ackles — who's better known in our household as my TV husband — ever really did knock on our door and ask if he could stay for dinner, it's likely that I would be so starstruck that I would hide in the bathroom until he left.

Jensen, my TV husband

But then Sunday, I made the impetuous decision to do something out of character. Richard Renaldi, who's a photographer that I have Google-stalked respected for years now, has a new book coming out in a few days. I went onto his website and found an email address, then before I could come to my senses I sent Mr. Renaldi a message asking him what I had to do to get an autographed copy.

I sat at my desk feeling like an idiot, but then an hour later I received a reply FROM Richard. He thanked me for my interest in his work and told me that he'd be happy to get me a signed copy once the books arrived and he got a handle on distribution. So there's my lesson for the week, asking for something sometimes actually gets you something.

Fall River Boys, by Richard Renaldi

I suppose while I'm on a roll, I should write to Annie Leibovitz and Jensen Ackles, too.


  1. Is it wrong that our kids are familiar with the phrase "movie-star boyfriend"??

  2. It can't hurt to ask! Most people who publish books appreciate any sincere interest!