Monday, March 23, 2009

Echo Trobridge

She's a local artist that I've wanted to photograph for a long time now. I have one of her photographs in our den on the wall opposite my desk. It's probably my favorite art piece. Note in the first photo that she has a white tattoo above her cleavage. I loved that.

While we were working, Echo asked me to tell her how I define love. I am used to talking about much different subjects during a photo shoot, such as how many crunches the model does in a week or what I think of the Jonas Brothers, so I wasn't ready for that kind of a subject and I am pretty sure that I gave her a really cliche answer — not as bad as "love means never having to say you're sorry" but something equally stupid.

Echo then told me that if she could have a superpower, she would be able to make every person that she comes in contact with love themselves more, because if everyone saw the value of their own lives, then there would be more peace and less violence in the world.

Speaking of tattoos, now that my arm is done it's Jay's turn and he has an appointment to start his tomorrow evening, and after that we are going to meet Echo for a beer and maybe a late dinner. I have a general rule that I try to keep photo shoots on the professional side and avoid invitations to get too close to my models. But I'd like it if Echo and I became friends.

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  1. I would like it if Echo were at your house on the 4th! :o)