Saturday, March 28, 2009

Because Everyone Does . . .

Every photographer shoots their version of this photograph, where the edge of the background and the studio lights show. For that, I felt compelled to do it, too.

Even though this is closer to what the photo will look like, when it appears on my site or the model's portfolio.

I suppose the next step is panning out even farther and capturing a photo of the model, the lights, and me taking the model's photo. I am not sure would be the one to shoot that.

(No one, if I get my way.)


  1. Egads these boys must never eat.

    Love his soulful eyes.

  2. Yeah..I'd like to get down to look like for a quick Scott Barnes picture then eat cookies and pudding for the next three weeks. But at least I'd have the picture to look at while I'm licking the spoon.