Saturday, March 21, 2009


There are only about five hours of television in a week that I really care about (not including The Young and the Restless, which I will watch when it's convenient and when I am in the mood [don't judge, this show comforts me somehow; I've been watching it since I was about 12, when David Hasselhoff's wife was kidnapped and sold into white slavery and Katherine Chancellor's boy-toy husband's first wife was trying to convince people that poor Mrs. Chancellor was insane]). But now that Battlestar Galactica is over, there is a big hole in my TV-viewing desires. I can't imagine that I will ever find a prime-time show that I like so much.

Last night's series finale left me satisfied. It was what I had expected, yet it wasn't predictable. It was a good ending without being sappy or too depressing (although the final scene with Roslin — even though we've all probably known it was coming for five years — reduced me to tears.

Of the numerous things I could go on about that I'll miss about this show, here are three more:

Lee Adama

Sam Anders

Karl Agathon

Hey, I'm just telling it like it is.

This will also be the first television show that, when it's released on DVD in a box set, I'll purchase. I am looking forward to watching the whole thing again, starting with the miniseries.


  1. whole-heartedly agree with you... my friday nights will never be the same...

  2. Bad Boy! Spoilers on your blog? Of course it MIGHT be my fault for keeping it recorded for so long before getting around to watching it. I will miss BSG. Casting was spot on, script and mythology fully formed, and awesome freaking hot guys too (hot women aplenty as well!)

    I loved it. It ended well. My Friday nights will be very different - I'll go walking on the boardwalk down by the beach. Summer is coming, it's going to be gorgeous. I've recently noticed that shirtless men once again habituate the sands outside my television