Wednesday, March 18, 2009


On Monday night, Jay and I had the pleasure of having some quality time and good Vietnamese food with my niece, Jamie, and her husband as they were driving through town on their way back to Nashville. This is the same niece that's been performing with Carrie Underwood for the last year, and who's soon going to be a rock star on her own merits.

No, really, she is; she has people from Warner Bros., Universal, and some record company in London listening to her music and talking with her manager right now. She hopes to have a contract signed by the end of the summer. Jamie gave me a copy of her demo CD, and it's really good — and I'm not saying this as a proud uncle who would clap and cheer his way through a niece's 10th grade part as a chorus girl in Guys and Dolls — quite the opposite, really; school musicals and recitals make me want to scoop my eardrums out, no matter how much I like the child. But Jamie is REALLY talented. She writes most of her own music and her voice has really matured. I think she's ready, and this is her time. It's exciting.

It occured to me that I'd love to upload a song onto here to let you hear how fabulous she is, but being new on Blogger, it doesn't appear that it likes music files so much, just videos and photos. And it's probably for the better since I don't know how copyright laws work with music — and especially since Jamie's not signed yet.

But I can be really retro: Let's pretend that it's still 2002, here's her MySpace page, which has some music on it. (If you want my advice, listen to "Never Knew Love" first, although "Powerless" is amazing [just a bit too Mariah for this non-lover of pop music.) I'll confess that her music is all a lot more pop than my usual taste, but it doesn't change the fact that she's quite incredible.

It also occured to me as they were getting ready to leave that I should photograph them. But I wasn't in the mood. I am never in the mood anymore, unless it's with an actual "client" in the real studio. This is something I want to change. One of the reasons that I started this blog is to make myself become more creative and actually start carrying my camera around again. I used to always have a camera with me; now I never do. I just have to get over the fear that, unless there's an up-and-coming actor or naked man in my studio, my life just isn't that interesting.

Jamie and I also talked a lot about food. Both her and her husband have waistlines about the size of my left wrist, and she told me about a diet that she usually sticks to that sounds incredibly doable. But more on that another time. I am, however, tired of being a fat guy.

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  1. I laughed when I read "school musicals and recitals make me want to scoop my eardrums out, no matter how much I like the child." Having two girls who have LIVED musicals and recitals throughout high school and college, I feel that way myself sometimes (NOT when MY girls are onstage of course!), but you do what you do because you love them. And of course, you always hope that the future will bring them the kind of success that your own, beautiful and talented niece is enjoying now. She's amazing indeed, and I got such a kick out of showing my girls the pics you sent of her with Sir Paul and watching her perform (since Caris is such a HUGE Carrie fan!) They were awestruck! It's no wonder you're such a proud uncle.

    I did think, however, "I wonder if Scott took any 'professional' pics of Jamie?" You've answered my question with this post. Get "in the mood" Uncle Scott! Her fan base is building out here! Geesh! ;)

    Oh and "fat guy?" PUHLEEZE.