Monday, December 14, 2009


Jay and I spent the first part of our weekend in Chicago. Our friend AK's theater company was putting on this show, which we saw.

Here's another video.

Andrew Kain is a very good influence and a slightly bad influence at the same time — good because I've rarely (if ever) met a person who truly wants to help everyone he knows reach their full potential . . . slightly bad because in doing the aforementioned, he also likes to get people out of their comfort zones. And look at him — all he has to do when you balk is just smile and wink and say, "yes you are," and the next thing you know you're doing whatever ridiculous thing he wanted you to. But really, everyone should be so lucky as to have a friend like him.

After the show, he took us to three bars, introduced us to tons of people and immediately started networking for us. Jay and I are doing well when we're still awake at 1am most Friday nights, but we finally got back to AK's from the last club at 4:30, and even THEN he wouldn't let us go to sleep because he wanted to hang out and talk. 

Here I am with Andrew Kain shortly before we finally went to bed, sometime around 6am.

And Jay, same time.

And here we are the next morning.

And here is Dave, AK's boyfriend/husband.

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