Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love Is Love

From their website:

The goal of the Purple Hat Project is to highlight the universality of love in all its incarnations, excluding the constraints of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic standing, in an effort to provide an avenue to broaden minds and open hearts.

A few weeks ago, the organization hosted its second "Love is Love" photo shoot (I posted about it, here). Jay and I, and our roommate Jared, decided to go. We live in the same house — but more than that, we take care of each other — and yes we are a family.

Here's our photo.

Katie Moon was the photographer — who I adore and respect more than just about any other Indiana-based photographer you can name. And because I like the series, and her work, here are a couple more images from the day.

Here's the cute couple that posed just after us, with their pet rat.

And here is our good friend, Sara, with her son.

It was a fun afternoon.

All photos in this post copyright, Katie Moon for the Purple Hat Project.

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